My Problems with Wind River: Part. II — Race –

Wind River is an intriguing film as in many respects it represents a well-intended effort to bring intersectional topics of racial and sexual violence into a genre that is typically geared towards white male audiences, and traditionally deaf to such issues. However, like many Hollywood films dealing with such issues, it ultimately does both Native and female viewers a disservice, failing to rise to the demands of producing an effectively Native-accented discourse. The film is …

Victoria’s Multicultural Festivals And Events Go Digital – Mirage News

VIC Premier

The Victorian Government is helping multicultural and multifaith communities continue cultural celebrations in a COVID-safe way.

Minister for Multicultural Affairs Ros Spence today announced more than $800,000 to support 148 community organisations across Victoria to deliver multicultural festivals and events in a digital format.

The modified round of the Government’s Multicultural Festivals and Events program has encouraged multicultural community groups and organisations to get creative, build their long-term digital capacity and move their …

Letters with young ease the loneliness of lockdown for elderly – The Age

The letters to children aged between seven and 14 years are written in Polish and cover many topics, but mostly Mr Swistak answers their queries about life – such as whether it’s OK as a little girl to slam a door on a family member.

”No, it’s not nice to slam the door on anyone,” he tells his young correspondent.

People do not prepare themselves for old age, it’s essential they become interested in something.…

How should Christians live after Christendom? – Eternity News

In the first two lectures in this series, I presented a rather dystopian picture: first about the state of family life; and second about the erosion of our freedoms of speech, religion, association and conscience. This situation presents Christians, and all other people of faith, with a fundamental question: how should we then live? This question is the title of a book by the great Christian writer Francis Schaeffer, published 45 years ago, who analysed …

Revolutionising the lion dance: Kun Seng Keng Lion & Dragon Dance Association on keeping our cultural heritage alive – Options The Edge

Had it not been for the Covid-19 outbreak, Tang Puay Sen would have been in the US, conducting yet another workshop. It was one of several trips abroad planned for this year that has now been scuppered, though he and a small team were in Australia and lucky enough to return home just before the Movement Control Order (MCO) was imposed.

As a young boy hiding inside a drum to avoid being dragged home by …

Teacher shares her culture step-by-step – Fairfield City Champion

When Lisa Sokha Nagatsuka was a child, she lived in a land where a thousand years of ancestral culture was at risk of disappearing forever. Her earliest memories are of the hardships of life under the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia in 1975-79 when schools were destroyed and religion, traditional music and dance were forbidden. “They wanted to break our spirits,” Lisa said. “There was no joy in life under their rule. It was a…

Hidden In Budget 2020 Is A ‘Nasty’ Plan For All Partner Visa Applicants To Sit English Exams – Pedestrian TV

One change to Australia’s immigration process that was snuck into Budget 2020 is the requirement for partner visa applicants to sit an English language test, which feels eerily similar to the White Australia Policy from decades ago.

These new changes would require anyone who wants to come to Australia on a partner visa to prove they speak good enough English, and if their loved one in Australia is a permanent resident rather than a citizen, …

My experience of growing up “racially ambiguous” in Australia – Fashion Journal

Where do I belong?

If you’re a first-generation ‘anything’ you’ve probably fielded the “Where are you from?” question all your life. Unlike a lot of people, this question has never actually bothered me, but I understand why it bothers others. I’m the over-sharing type and love to teach people about my identity.

But what is my identity? This is a question I’ve only recently realised I haven’t fully come to terms with. I …

Community diary: 75+ events on in Mackay this week – Daily Mercury


THE Community Diary and Weekend Planner offer free entries to not-for-profit groups, organisations, clubs and schools in the wider Mackay region.

Email details of your event, under the subject ‘Community Diary’ to


– MANDALA rock art workshop hosted by Earth Designs by Fi, sponsored by Mackay Regional Council and Arts Qld, 6.30-8.30pm, The Neighbourhood Hub, 4 George St. Tickets $15. Book via website.

– VOYAGE of Botanical …

Beirut explosion victim Isaac Oehlers was fatally struck by glass in his highchair. This is how his parents fought for him – ABC News

The parents of an Australian toddler killed by the port explosion in Beirut have spoken publicly for the first time, revealing their desperate attempts to get to hospital after their son was injured while sitting in his highchair.

Toddler Isaac Oehlers was struck by glass while sitting in his highchair in an apartment 700 metres from the blast Mother Sarah Copland says a kind stranger stopped on the road amid the chaos and drove them…