My Problems with Wind River: Part. II — Race –

Wind River is an intriguing film as in many respects it represents a well-intended effort to bring intersectional topics of racial and sexual violence into a genre that is typically geared towards white male audiences, and traditionally deaf to such issues. However, like many Hollywood films dealing with such issues, it ultimately does both Native and female viewers a disservice, failing to rise to the demands of producing an effectively Native-accented discourse. The film is …

Victoria’s Multicultural Festivals And Events Go Digital – Mirage News

VIC Premier

The Victorian Government is helping multicultural and multifaith communities continue cultural celebrations in a COVID-safe way.

Minister for Multicultural Affairs Ros Spence today announced more than $800,000 to support 148 community organisations across Victoria to deliver multicultural festivals and events in a digital format.

The modified round of the Government’s Multicultural Festivals and Events program has encouraged multicultural community groups and organisations to get creative, build their long-term digital capacity and move their …