How are we to respond when the terrorist is “one of us”? – ABC News

Millions of words have already been written or spoken about the horrific terror attack that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 15 March 2019. The media and now the courts have poured over every details of the terrorist’s upbringing, his manifesto, his use of social media, and the indelible pain and loss his actions have inflicted on his victims and their families.

Over the past eighteen months, Australians have had to confront the uncomfortable …

A DJ trapped in the trap beats of K-town – Red Bull Australia

For centuries music, arts and dance has been a way of keeping up the status quo. Gatekeeping the talent. Making it extremely difficult for the uninfluential ones make through the cut. But whatever happens, true art makes its way. It breaks through the barriers of the society and the culture that has been carefully set up to guard the elitism of the rich.

Such was the case with hip hop and trap music. It originated …

SBS appoints Mandi Wicks as director of news and current affairs – Mumbrella

SBS has found a new director of news and current affairs in Mandi Wicks, its current director of audio and language content.

The announcement:

SBS has appointed Mandi Wicks as its next Director of News and Current Affairs. Currently SBS’s Director of Audio and Language Content, she will take on the new role from late September 2020.

Mandi will replace outgoing Director of News and Current Affairs, Jim Carroll, who announced his retirement in March …