TV Critic’s Choice for August 30 – Sydney Morning Herald

New series ★★★½
Sunday (August 30), 7pm, Seven

This ingenious multicultural cook-off rights several wrongs. Firstly, it replaces the mean-spirited My Kitchen Rules with a joyous celebration of our culinary diversity. Secondly, it rescues the judges from that show and the original line-up on Ten’s MasterChef who haven’t tainted their reputations off set. And most gloriously of all, it delivers a fun alternative to the cancelled Tokyo Olympic Games, with the cheeky catch cry: “Let the flames begin!”

On the RecordCredit:

Sunday (August 30), 8.30pm, NITV

Prolific former music executive Drew Dixon, credited with making hits by the likes of Mary J. Blige, Kanye West and Whitney Houston happen, relays her career-shattering Me Too experience, prompting a conversation about this issue from a black perspective. Dixon’s passion for hip hop screams of the terrible loss, not only to her personally, but to the industry from which she made her untimely exit. This is a searing examination of the misogyny of the genre, with input from Tarana Burke.


We Hunt TogetherCredit:

Saturday, 5 September 8.30pm, BBC First, On Demand

It’s clearly trying – and failing – to be the next Killing Eve. But that doesn’t mean We Hunt Together isn’t worth watching. In the red corner, a pretty, possibly psychotic blonde, Freddy, and her partner in crime, former Congolese child soldier and asylum seeker Baba. In the blue corner, two mismatched police detectives with troubled pasts – again, a white women (Eve Myles) and a black man (Babou Ceesay). Cue murder and mayhem. MH