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WA Police discuss alleged hotel quarantine breach

A 53-year-old man “will be charged” according to police after he allegedly breached the state’s strict hotel quarantine laws.

“We will allege that the (person) returned to Western Australia after visiting family in Queensland yesterday afternoon, and he had not previously applied to re-enter the state,” WA Police said.

“On arrival, he complained of non- COVID related symptoms, chest pains, he was permitted entry to the state and he was given a hospital direction and conveyed by ambulance to hospital.

“After receiving medical treatment, he was directed to wait for transport to take into hotel quarantine, and he failed to do so, and police were notified.

“A short time later police located him at a hotel in Northbridge after he had booked into a backackers nearby.

“Health advice in relation to this travel estate is a very low risk of infection.

The man, however, has been tested in relation to his COVID status and I have just received advice from Health to say no COVID has been detected.

“Police last night prior to the test coming back spoke with hotel management, who voluntarily decided to close the hotel and undertake cleaning. The man has now been directed to and is situated in hotel quarantine and he will later be summonsed and charged in relation to breach of his quarantine requirements.”