My employer spelled my name wrong twice — this is why it matters – ABC News

American showman P T Barnum once famously said: “I don’t give a damn what you say about me as long as you spell my name right.”

My name is Tahlea (or Tali) Aualiitia and as someone who — through unsolicited commentary — has always been told how “different” and “difficult” my name is, this quote has always resonated with me.

In fact, the last person I had to correct for the misspelling of my name …

Wollongong’s Merrigong Theatre Company facing insolvency, despite COVID-19 performing arts bailout – ABC News

One of the largest regional theatre companies in NSW is facing insolvency, warning a Federal Government bailout might not be enough to save it.

Key points: Australia’s arts sector will get access to $250 million worth of grants and loans under a COVID-19 recovery package Wollongong’s Merrigong Theatre Company says the money might have come too late Wollongong City Council says it can’t give more than the $1 million already allocated

Wollongong’s Merrigong Theatre Company …

Watch as young Illawarra refugees make film praising friends, football – Illawarra Mercury

On Friday the nation celebrated news Australia and New Zealand will host the Women’s World Cup in 2023. Closer to home the latest addition to the Illawarra-based U & Me short-film project, which celebrates the world game, was launched. Young people from refugee backgrounds are behind the short-film project which concentrates on the friendship of two goalkeepers. Sharing a passion for football, goalkeeping and music, prominent Wollongong goalkeepers and coaches John Krajnovic, of Croatian background,…