MOSAIC Multicultural Festival Celebrates Queensland’s Artistic Diversity – scenestr

Multicultural Development Australia (MDA) aims to embrace cultural contributions made by Queenslanders at the MOSAIC Multicultural Festival.

With 10,000 people attending the event previously, MOSAIC offers festival goers the opportunity to travel the world in a day, fusing traditional art, music, dance, exhibitions, food, and entertainment.

Programme highlights include It’s Who We Are – a music, spoken word, photo and art exhibition; Info-Hive, a cafe emporium aiming to facilitate diverse collaborations; Rock Around The Wok, …

On being an ally for diversity – ArtsHub

Allyship means having skin in the game; image from Interwoven 2019, photo by Shane Carey.

Last month, Diversity Arts Australia released its seminal report Shifting the Balance: Cultural Diversity in Leadership within the Australian Arts, Screen and Creative Sectors. As leaders of colour, we welcome the report despite its sobering truth: that leadership across these sectors remains persistently monocultural.


The report provides, for the first time, evidence of the homogenous state of leadership …